Is Westminster the home of the 2019 Orange County Laureate? Here are some details we learned of this Orange County City.


Anyone interested in learning about Westminster’s past would do well to visit Blakey Historical Park. Operated by the Westminster Historical Society, these two acres of land were originally donated by Leaora Blakey in the hope that they would be used to help preserve the city’s history. As a quick perusal of the park’s exhibits will tell you, Ms. Blakey’s hopes have been realized many times over.

Reflecting the city’s early days as a farming colony, the park displays a collection of antiquated farm equipment. Among the items on exhibit are a steam engine flywheel, a cylindrical hay loader, and a beet wagon that’s well over a hundred years old. All these are housed inside the “big red barn”, a historical barn owned by the Warne family and donated to the park along with the family farmhouse.

One of the park’s biggest acquisitions was the old Midway City Women’s Club building. Originally built in 1929, the structure was moved to the grounds in 1988 and spent years before fixed up before it was rechristened as the Westminster Museum and opened to the public.

We can learn a lot from history, and if there’s one thing Westminster has it’s lots of history. Help us find the Orange County Laureate at 1888.center/laureate.



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