Summer Writing Project 2017

The Summer Writing Project is an annual collaboration between 1888 and JukePop that advocates writing and supports reading. This joint venture presents authors with the opportunity to craft their novellas one chapter at a time with immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback from their readers, while also broadcasting their words to an audience eager for the next great storyteller.READ MORE

Summer Writing Project 2017 – David Moscati

The final selection from our fourth annual Summer Writing Project will feature cover artwork by David Moscati. David Moscati is an Atlanta based designer and illustrator. A child of the 80s he is originally from Washington D.C. – where when he wasn’t drawing, playing with his German Shepherd, or reading books he could be found booting up his NES – most likely in his Ninja Turtle outfit. Not much has changed.READ MORE

The Plaza Literary Prize – 2017 Jury

The Plaza Literary Prize welcomes our 2017 Jury–Michael Dean Clark, Rachel Howzell Hall, R. Dean Johnson, Yi Shun Lai, and Krys Lee–an inspiring panel of authors, editors, journalists, and professors. Submissions for our annual novella competition begin on March 1, 2017. When the submission period closes on April 30, 2017, our judges will select one (1) novella to be published by 1888.


1888 authors launch new science fiction press

Shaunn Grulkowski and Nate Ragolia, two members of the 1888 family, and authors of Retcontinuum (2014) and There You Feel Free (2015), respectively, have started a new science fiction press called Spaceboy Books. Both Shaunn and Nate have worked with 1888 on editing, social media and more.READ MORE

Limited Edition Shirt – Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars

In conjunction with our end-of-year fundraiser, 1888 collaborated with TankFarm & Co. to produce a limited edition shirt inspired by Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars: “The current cannot be stopped.” Walt Whitman, 1888


To receive your shirt, please consider supporting 1888 and donating as a Member, Friend, Family, Advocate, or Associate.



The history behind Walt Whitman’s quote: “In February 1888, The Signal, the student newspaper of The College of New Jersey (then the New Jersey State Normal and Model Schools), published an interview with Walt Whitman titled “Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars.” The Signal came into existence in 1885, and two of its pioneers-George Worman, class of 1886, and Francis B. Lee, class of 1888-had traveled to Camden to conduct the interview with Whitman, soliciting advice for those state scholars who wished to follow the “literary life.” The interview, the first one conducted by The Signal, presents Whitman’s strong pedagogical nature, as he gladly offers literary advice to the young state scholars.”


Kukawski, Nicole. “Walt Whitman’s Advice to New Jersey State Scholars: An Unknown Interview.” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 23 (Summer 2005), 54-59.

Mojave by Ryan Gattis & Kevin Staniec

Fusing Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, and Western genres, Mojave utilizes elements of prose fiction, play, screenplay, and beat-driven illustration for a multi-layered reading experience delivered in the time it takes you to watch a feature film.READ MORE

California Writing Residency

1888 + Yefe Nof are pleased to announce the California Writing Residency. California writers from the coast and valleys to the forests and deserts are invited to apply for three two-week residencies in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead where the creative environment will nurture your craft and help carry on the tradition of the California voice.READ MORE