Where Books Come From

As part of 1888’s Summer Writing Project 2016, we’re proud to present the Where Books Come From blog series. In keeping with the spirit of literary celebration, education and opportunity upon which we were founded, this five-part series is an exploration of the dynamic, multi-faceted world of publishing as seen through the eyes of a recent graduate.


Your guide on this written journey, Jonai Winters, brings her unique perspective to a conversation about traditional publishing, indie imprints and more. In providing Jonai an opportunity to meet with industry influencers, and to offer her researched perspectives as a young writer, we believe this essay series is both unique and enlightening. Please sit back, relax and enjoy as Jonai endeavors to discover Where Books Come From.

Artwork by Craig Bowers

Part One: The Publishing Industry
Part Two: Enter the Literary Agent
Part Three: Big Houses versus Little Indies
Part Four: How We Discover the Books We Read
Part Five: What We’ve Learned