A project-based study of creative routine featuring writer-produced videos, photos, and essays. From inspiration to realization this vulnerable analysis of writing reveals familiar patterns of ambition and apprehension. Share your process and join the conversation.


  1. Write a 200-word essay describing your routine.
  2. Record a 30-second video documenting your routine or capture 1 photo detailing your routine.
  3. Submit via Submittable.

Routineology – Henry Thomas

I type on an antique Underwood Typewriter. It’s the same model Jack Kerouac used when writing On the Road. Ginger tea with lavender honey and two lemon segments is mandatory. I also always need aREAD MORE

Routineology – Peppur Chambers

#Routineolgy begins with hoping you know where you’re going when you’re able to finally get going. Perhaps this is why writing is a journey. A trip to be enjoyed no matter when or where you begin.READ MORE

Routineology – Kevin Staniec

I write before sunrise and I think on the road. After three hours of typing, I drive around Old Towne Orange and up through the hills. My trip traditionally tours west down State Route 22 toward Long BeachREAD MORE

Routineology – Scott Amstadt

My writing routine begins with a dream. When I wake, early in the morning, I crave two things. First, a shower. Then, after a short road trip, I need breakfast. A burrito will often provide the satisfactionREAD MORE

Routineology – Rebecca Johnson

To me, artistic process is an ironic term since an artistic lifestyle, by its nature, doesn’t really lend itself to structure or normalcy. I have two jobs. I have an internship. On the weekends I live in LA. During the week I live in Orange County. I’m taking three graduate level classes and I’m currently writing a thesis. I barely have time to feed myself let alone set aside an hour and a half every day to sit at my desk and write. I can barely find my desk under homework these days.READ MORE

Routineology – Veronica Bane

There are only a few constants to my routine. Usually, it’s fueled by a chai tea latte and movie scores at my home. But in order to finish projects, the routine has to be flexible. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, IREAD MORE

Routineology Collaborations – Small Towne Short Stories – Autumn

This collaborative video, created by Ryan Rozar, documents the live podcast discussion at the community based Orange Home Grown Farmers and Artisans Market with historian Phil Brigandi, Megan Penn, Executive Director of Orange Home Grown, and Barbara Resnick of the Orange Community Historical Society.  This conversation was moderated by journalist Alyssa Duranty and recorded and published on our podcast, The How The Why.READ MORE