Routineology – Carrie A. Golden

Taking daily walks have contribute more to boosting my imagination than most anything else. Since we left our crazy lifestyle back in the East for a more rural one up in North Dakota, I’ve been greeted with this scenery every morning.

Simply glorious for the writer in me.

These are the times when story ideas would formulate in my mind; or, I’d dissect problematic ones in the hope of making them flow more naturally (and with more intensity and originality). Characters would tell me their whole life stories, or dark secrets that they didn’t want anyone to discover. I never know what kind of a world I’d be stepping out into when I go on my walks. And I’m almost always rushing to get back to the house so I can write down the masterpieces before they vanish.

From there, I fill notebooks with these creative tidbits from my walks while I’m listening to the Film Score station on Pandora (via my ancient desktop computer). Music helps me visualize the story like a film. Hey, a writer can have secret fantasies (this happens to be one of them!).

Carrie A. Golden