In the Beginning


It is our responsibility to influence with visuals, educate through emotion, and foster a creative crusade. Art is our propaganda. This is our movement. This paperback is an educational guide for sharing.


80 pages
Publisher: ISM: A Community Project
ISBN-13: 978-0615658674
ISBN-10: 0615658679


Contributors: 1000 Journals, Beau Stanton, Brian Singer, China Soul, Chuck Stephens, Cielo Roth-Calderon, Daniel Yoczik, Darin Owen, David Augustine, Derrick Brown, Grace Hengst, James P. Blaylock, Jane Kim, Jeff Dahlin, Jeff Wallace, Jennifer Jalalat, Jocelyn Mathewes, Josh Wood, Kristin Keiser, Kurt Halsey, M. Marisa Luiso, Mark Robert Halper, Terence Patrick, Tiffany Syariff, Tim Powers.


June 1, 2005