American Nostalgia


An invitational group show examining the enduring themes represented in the art of Norman Rockwell–patriotism, family and the American ideal–through the works of 40 contemporary artists and illustrators. The show was displayed in a historic mansion built in 1924. Over 4,321 guests attended the exhibit.


Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton CA


Contributors: Aaron Jasinski, Alina Chau, Bradford Salamon, Brigette Barrager, Dave Pressler, David Macdowell, Eli Trinh, Fred Harper, Greg Newbold, Hugh Dunnahoe, Jay Merryweather, Jenikah, Joe Biel, Joe Devera, John T Quinn III, Julie Lee, Justin DeGarmo, Kelly Vivanco, Mike Wimmer, Patrick Ballesteros, Rich Tuzon, Ron Velasco, Ronald J Llanos, Soey Milk, Stacey Aoyama, Steven James Petruccio, Soyoun Lee, Tina Anderson.


August 1, 2011