29 to 31: A Book Of Dreams


Our human struggle with pain is played out in thought-provoking detail by our unconscious as we sleep. 29 to 31: A Book of Dreams offers a raw and empowering vision of the emotional evolution necessary to recover from a broken heart, and move from a state of pain, betrayal and fear into uncharted waters that keep the ship of soul afloat in spite of perilous doubt and churning seas.


Author: Kevin Staniec
Editor: William M. Brandon III
Artist: Sami Viljanto
Pages: 180
ISBN-13: 978-0615905792
ISBN-10: 061590579X


“With 29 to 31: A Book of Dreams, Staniec takes a time-honored tradition and adds a third and vital narrative dimension. This beautifully written first-person account of the author’s sleeping mind treats each surreal and ethereal landscape as a complete story that feeds into and enhances a sincere and heartwarming transformation that celebrates love, loss, and longing.”

–William M. Brandon III, Editor


November 1, 2013