Matthew Meyer

I’ve always wanted to write ever since the third grade. I started reading one of my favorite book series Goosebumps, I was hooked on the author, R.L. Stine’s, style of writing, and not to mention I’ve always been a big fan of horror. I found it intriguing the way authors create their own world and peace it together into a story. There are no limits to the way an author can portray a world where anything can happen. A wizard can marry a princess and put a spell on Prince Charming because he would be the villain. The dragon would be the one in danger from the villagers, and why not put some flying robots in there to help the dragon out? The possibilities in the mind of a storyteller are literally limitless.

A lot of people watch television to escape the everyday stresses of life. Television has never personally kept me away from reality, and I don’t have a definite answer for why, but I think it has something to do with restrictions. Like life itself, there are hundreds of restrictions to how people live their life. We can’t fly, we can’t change shape, we can’t make a pile of money appear, and we can’t turn invisible. Just like in life, what we watch on a television screen is what we get. If the pirate ship is going to fire a cannon ball at another pirate ship, maybe the viewer watching wants a giant sea monster to attack that ship. Just watching the movie is not going to change that. That is a restriction. We can’t keep the bank robber from taking hostages too. That’s another restriction. Perhaps this is why television doesn’t work for me, because it’s nearly the same as life itself.

When a writer is writing a story, however, they put in their own restrictions. They decide whether the bank robber is going to take hostages or not, and they can put in the giant sea monster to destroy the pirate ship. The writer is the government of the land, which is the white sheet of paper they are writing on.

When I write, I’m taking a journey to my own space, where each planet in my solar system is springing with life. I have no predominant restrictions, and everything I create is under my watch, and if the story is not good, then it’s the result of my own doing.