Jeremiah Davis

Impossible’s Real Name and Definition

I remember three years ago I decided I was going to take my poetry and make it public. I remember bare feelings cutting confidence like butchers. I wrote every day, I submit every day, I was rejected every day. It took many blows at my confidence in who I was. I had written poems for a contest, essays for scholarships, and prayers for hope. I started in 2014 until this day I’ve submitted over forty times I didn’t get accepted by any except one. JUNTO MAGAZINE was the first to choose me while my heart fought for it. All dreams are possible. I think we each discover Impossible” is a cliché barrier for the things we are afraid to go forth with whole-heartedly. Impossible defines down the human mind telling us what we think we can’t do. It is also empowering something that makes us feel stronger if we explore it. “Choosing to suffer “Impossible’s” wrath makes us more defiant as to figure out what makes things like so. I lived by the rules, I read the books, I took advice from the bare lips of Impossible always telling me “you can’t, you won’t, why would you try?” I have been battling mental illness long before I was diagnosed with it. For a while, I let it define who I was and what I could do. I abstained from having a social life, I only had friends I couldn’t see. Mental illness can be a barrier itself just because no one can tell the illness to go away. It’s hard not to see or reach wits end of life when being alone is like death and no word can comfort or suppress pain. Mental health patients scratch out hope until they feel leaking blood. We take pills to live happiness not always dream it. We play risky games with our life because more than likely people didn’t think about the risk being taken with our feelings. We leave scars on loved one’s hearts because we combat our insecurities and turn them like reciprocals of relief. We toss our problems like hot potatoes because we didn’t have a bowl to solve them in. In these moments, I know Impossible was just a nickname. Every day, I survive each and all these threats that point knives at the throat of my life. I conversate when I’m off my meds with myself to figure out who and what does it mean. Impossible is me I only create the barriers I wish not to go through. In life, impossible is what we tell ourselves we are afraid to do. Impossible’s real name is Possible and it means Go Try It!