Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri

I write to hear my grandmother’s voice
-and to silence my Mom
I write to meet who I could have been
-and to change who I am
I write to remember the hardest blows
-and to forget the scars
I write to be brutally honest
-and to make sense of my lies
I write to feel the feels
-and to escape their heft
I write to unshackle words
-and to bind their meaning
I write to fill my voids
-and to empty my pockets
I write to return to old crossroads
-and to take the other path
I write for some blasted acceptance
-and to learn to live through rejections
I write because words are my weapon
-and often my only shield
I write to give voice to my father
-and finally hear who he is
I write because I believe in words
-and to work through my doubts when they fail.