Catalyst Podcast: 005 – On Becoming 222 Market Part One – The Developers


Olympia, the state capital of Washington, in many ways still has the feel of a small town. In a time when so many of our communities, towns, and cities are experiencing the strain of modern day life, Olympia’s 222 Market is bringing together local artisans, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a place for families and friends to connect around local culture and heritage. So how and why was the 222 Market created? What has made it successful? And who are the makers involved?READ MORE


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Two of the most powerful forms of expression are words and images. The artists exhibited in conTEXT combine the innate power of both to create their artworks. Juxtaposing the photographic image with text generates a new message uniquely their own. In collaboration with Santa Ana College.



On display at the 1888 Center from April 26, 2018 through May 30, 2018
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Credit: Daisy Monroy Lopez

Writers’ Block: 022 – Megan Praz and Moll Green


Megan Praz and Moll Green have been collaborating as an artist/writer duo for years–first on the ultimate frisbee webcomic, Contested Strip, and followed by the sci-fi space opera pseudo-parody, Space Heroines of El-Andoo. They continue to work on both series, and took time out of working together (and on their individual projects) to sit down with Mike and talk about their history, how a webcomic comes together, and how a one-off joke can grow to become an ongoing series.READ MORE

200 – Kevin Staniec and Noah MacMillan


A live recording of our educational podcast The How, The Why with Kevin Staniec and Noah MacMillan. This program was recorded during a special night celebrating the release of Kevin Staniec‘s new novella And Then, This. The night also included a reception for Noah MacMillan‘s exhibition of paintings influenced by the book. During this episode, the author and the artist discuss the book, the paintings, and the future of 1888 Center.READ MORE