Buena Park

Is Buena Park the home of the 2019 Orange County Laureate? Here are some details we learned of this Orange County City.


Knott’s Berry Farm and Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Those are the two things people think of when talking about Buena Park. This makes sense, because the Entertainment Zone (E-Zone) is a popular place not only for Buena Park residents, but for people all over California. Home to other entertainment facilities such as Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and Knott’s Soak City USA, the E-Zone is flourishing and growing with plans to become an even bigger entertainment system. But what some people don’t know, is how Buena Park became the city that’s thriving today.

James A. Whitaker, a grocer originally from Chicago, bought the 690 acres of land in 1885 with the intentions of turning it into a cattle ranch. Instead, he decided to develop his land into a town, first trying to be a part of Los Angeles County, because Orange County wasn’t established yet, but eventually being incorporated into OC in 1953. The town started off small, as a dairy center, with its first institution being The Lily Creamery (“City Of Buena Park, CA: History Of Buena Park”). Now it has grown to fit a population of over 80,000 people, 2,000 businesses, and the promise of a brighter future.

Bursting with a sense of growth and entertainment for the masses, Buena Park is certainly a hub for all things fun and thrilling. Don’t be afraid to spotlight someone that embodies this creative energy and nominate your neighbor for the Orange County Laureate at 1888.center/laureate.



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