The Sounds The Stories: Apollo Bebop – Teaser

Apollo Bebop, named after the Greek God of music and the intricately harmonic style of jazz, is a West Coast based band that formed in the summer of 2015 in Santa Ana, California. The quintet consists of drummer Donovan Cruz, bass and guitarist roles that alternate between Christopher Trimmer and Dominick Cruz, DeAndre Grover on tenor sax, and Brian “Brian to Earth” Gomez as the front man and Emcee.



The Sounds The Stories is an eclectic music series featuring live performances and entertaining discussions with emerging and established artists. This program is filmed and edited into a short documentary compilation with the audio from each episode recorded and archived as a free educational podcast. Produced in collaboration with our partners at Brew Sessions Live.

Writers’ Block: 020 – Grant Hier, Julia Walton, and Jonathan Alexander


Writers’ Block Live! is here for your ears! We’ve been recording a live version Writers’ Block about once a month at the 1888 Center in Orange, California. This means get ready for a whole slew of live interviews, dropping in-between the in-depth conversations you’re used to! And some of your favorite guest show up again!READ MORE

The Plaza Literary Prize 2018

The Plaza Literary Prize is a national novella competition. We believe a great story is never defined by its length and welcome all genres and themes with compelling characters and evocative moments. We’re looking for our generation’s Hemingway, Oates, or Steinbeck. The City of Orange, California was incorporated on April 6, 1888. The center of the town became known as the Plaza, which has become a symbol of the community and a catalyst for storytelling.


  1. Write a novella and submit via Submittable.
  2. Submissions are accepted from March 1 through April 30. Our team of readers will consider each submission for content, craft, and voice and select ten (10) finalists to be reviewed by our jury. One (1) novella will be selected for publication with cover artwork by Christian Dellavedova.


1888 publishes contemporary novellas through The Plaza Literary Prize, an annual anthology of international short stories titled The Cost of Paper, and community essays supporting our Why We Write project. Click here to view our collection.

Artwork courtesy Christian Dellavedova.

The Plaza Literary Prize 2018 – Jury

The Plaza Literary Prize welcomes our 2018 Jury–Jonathan Alexander, Panio Gianopoulos, Namrata Poddar, Irena Praitis, and Héctor Tobar–an inspiring panel of authors, editors, journalists, and professors. Submissions for our annual novella competition begin on March 1, 2017. When the submission period closes on April 30, 2017, our judges will select one (1) novella to be published by 1888.