Ashley Brimmage

The first time I felt completely understood was when my crush of three years looked me in the eyes and said “Ashley, I think you write to feel heard.”

This, I believe, is why I write. To allow untold stories their hearing, to give validity to voices that have been silenced.

We write to matter. To seek “matter” is to exist, and to be a writer is to give the human experience significance.

Our stab at unison, our jump towards understanding, our attempt at perfect communication.

That is why we write.

What the world would be without the writer’s ability of putting to words, I cannot imagine.

We would not have instilled marxist skepticism of education systems or religion
We would not have count loaf’s eye or Violet’s ribbon.
There would be no reporting, no journalistic efforts of the connection of the world through media
There would be feelings unexpressed, longings unacknowledged and hurts unreconciled.

I write for the sake of these things.

To cure caption less photos, and broken hearts.

In a way, through media and the mass en-flux of ides, we have all been rendered writers.

This does not as the unique-seeking creative might fear, negate the writer’s purpose.

However, just as every artist has a different eye through different medium,
so the writer has the poem
the allegory
the essay and the narrative.

A thought is not unique to each one writer—according to theorists such as Brooks and Barry—no writer is an original.

Through its unison, literature aims “to teach us about life, [and] to transmit humane values”. Each idea of the artist is gleaned from another— we are formed by those who’ve formed us.

The way in which a work becomes materialized— there in-lies the creative’s uniqueness. The writer’s significance and their purpose.

To share values
To impose beliefs
To express meticulous heartache
And to be heard.



When the task of writing grows inevitably arduous—and seemingly thankless—we must remember why we started. Inspired by George Orwell’s 1946 essay “Why I Write,” this introspective project highlights our motives for writing. Share your story and join the conversation. Live events are produced throughout the diverse cities of Orange County and feature author readings from curated essay submissions.

  1. Write a 500-word essay explaining why you write.
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