Writers’ Block: 024 – Taryn and Shannon from the Catalyst Podcast


So aside from hosting Writers’ Block and panelist-ing on the Super Hero Hour Hour, Mike produces non-Pop Filter podcasts as well. One of which is Catalyst: A Creative Industries podcast from Chapman University.

In this special crossover episode, Taryn and Shannon from Catalyst ask Mike about his podcasting past and Mike fires right back about their own experience as newly minted hosts.  If you ever wanted to know all of the things podcaster go out of their way to hide from you, this is the episode for you!

From Chapman University in Orange County California, Catalyst gives listeners a chance to learn about the Creative Industries through conversations with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds who are working in CI all over the globe. Hear how CI is influencing the public and private sector alike, and how local influences shape a region’s creative landscape. Hosts and CI ‘s biggest fans, Taryn Stroop and Shannon Halverson-Gorajia explore CI in the 21stcentury highlighting the people, policies and practices that are shaping today’s creative economy.

You can find all episodes of Catalyst here!



Writers’ Block is a bi-weekly podcast that highlights the work of writers, poets, scientists, musicians, and more to find the story behind the pieces. Host Mike Gravagno digs into his guests work the same way he digs into pie, voraciously and without pretension, because you don’t have to be high-falutin to enjoy talking about art. Writers’ Block is a joint venture from YourPopFilter.com and Anastamos, Chapman University’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Journal, and is available wherever you get your podcasts.