The Sounds The Stories: Apollo Bebop – Documentary

A live recording of our educational podcast The Sounds The Stories with Apollo Bebop. Apollo Bebop, named after the Greek God of music and the intricately harmonic style of jazz, is a West Coast based band that formed in the summer of 2015 in Santa Ana, California.

From the start, the group has aimed to revitalize the appreciation of Jazz music by incorporating the musicality of jazz with classic, yet contemporary, hip hop back beats. The quintet consists of drummer Donovan Cruz, bass and guitarist roles that alternate between Christopher Trimmer and Dominick Cruz, DeAndre Grover on tenor sax, and Brian “Brian to Earth” Gomez as the front man and Emcee.



The Sounds The Stories is an eclectic music series featuring live performances and entertaining discussions with emerging and established artists. This program is filmed and edited into a short documentary compilation with the audio from each episode recorded and archived as a free educational podcast. Produced in collaboration with our partners at Brew Sessions Live.