The Sounds, The Stories: 002 – Bossa Zuzu

A live recording of our educational podcast The Sounds The Stories with Bossa Zuzu. Bossa Zuzu is a neo-Bossa Nova group from Los Angeles that is reviving the classic Bossa Nova sound for the 21st Century. They seamlessly blend the aesthetic of Getz/Gilberto with influences of other Brazilian music such as forró, Afoxé and Brazilian popular music as well as American jazz and pop music. Bossa Zuzu’s 2nd album “Under Leaves Under Sky” is produced by multi-GRAMMY winning jazz legend Peter Erskine.

Bossa Zuzu was formed in 2011 when Dan Reckard (sax, piano) returned from Bahia, Brazil and teamed up with Capital (guitar, vocals) to lead a group of some of LA’s brightest emerging jazz talent. They have since toured the U.S., Japan and Brazil to acclaim, including opening three tours for American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox, and have performed all over Southern California.



The Sounds The Stories is an eclectic music series featuring live performances and entertaining discussions with emerging and established artists. This program is filmed and edited into a short documentary compilation with the audio from each episode recorded and archived as a free educational podcast. Produced in collaboration with our partners at Brew Sessions Live.

Producer: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Producer and Audio: Brew Sessions Live
Manager: Sarah Becker
Guest: Bossa Zuzu
Audio Editor: Dan Reckard