086 – Author Highlights: Part II

During the final month of the 2015 Summer Writing Project we will highlight 10 authors to share their story. Collectively, their chapters have received more than 20,717 unique reads.  Today we are connected with M. Howalt author of ConvictionDean Moses author of The Man They Called God, and Brian Guthrie author of Fall – Future Worlds Book Two.

We are still accepting submissions until August 31 for a chance to have your book published in a special collection with cover artwork by Mariya Suzuki.  And while you’re crafting your story one chapter at a time, there are over 100 more novellas to read and support.  Please visit 1888.center/swp for additional information.

Producer: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Manager: Sarah Becker
Host: Jon-Barrett Ingels
Guest: M. Howalt, Dean Moses, and Brian Guthrie