200 – Kevin Staniec and Noah MacMillan


A live recording of our educational podcast The How, The Why with Kevin Staniec and Noah MacMillan. This program was recorded during a special night celebrating the release of Kevin Staniec‘s new novella And Then, This. The night also included a reception for Noah MacMillan‘s exhibition of paintings influenced by the book. During this episode, the author and the artist discuss the book, the paintings, and the future of 1888 Center.

And Then, This threads instability seamlessly throughout the novella, leaving the reader questioning the truth at every turn. From the first apocalyptic images of a burning Southern California to Riley’s surreal journey along the coast, Kevin Staniec surpasses the traditional questions of a murder mystery and asks, “what if?”



The How, The Why is a half-hour podcast documenting the creative process and the creative purpose hosted by Jon-Barrett Ingels. This free weekly series is an educational resource provided to discuss the evolution of literary arts with industry innovators—authors, journalists, and publishers.

Producers: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Manager: Sarah Becker
Host: Jon-Barrett Ingels
Guests: Kevin Staniec and Noah MacMillan
Audio: Brew Sessions Live
Photos: Arthur Pham