The Arts Counsel: 001 – Tara Cavosie

Inventing in the Trenches is the theme for this episode of The Arts Counsel. We connect with designer Tara Cavosie of HookedUp Shapewear and explore intellectual property in fashion design.

This podcast interview with fashion accessory designer Tara Cavosie of HookedUp Shapewear explores the intellectual property regime touching those in the fashion design space.  What do you do when you have a great idea?  How do you protect it and find not just a lawyer but the right lawyer?  What problems exist in the government in its provision of patent services?  Where does the patent system not work and what are the holes in our legal regime as it relates to innovators?  Tara discusses these issues and her creative process as she built her independent apparel company.  Addressing these legal questions, with Peter’s legal tips and advice along the way, the podcast looks at the complexity of finding the right outlet for legal help, with a robust discussion about patent law from the perspective of the creator in the trenches, how to better protect and encourage accessibility to intellectual property laws, and the need to democratize intellectual property law to help innovators and creators.

Producer: Jon-Barrett Ingels and Kevin Staniec
Producer and Host: Peter Afrasiabi
Manager: Sarah Becker
Guest: Tara Cavosie



The Arts Counsel podcast, hosted by Peter Afrasiabi, is a thirty-minute conversation with influential content creators about their work at the intersection of art and the law. Designed to demystify the legal system, guests share stories of their struggles and successes as it relates to their creative endeavors, and Afrasiabi offers insight to help our audience better understand their rights as artists.

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