Tamara Proschek

Because I have to. There is something about the feeling you get as the pen in your hands leaves its mark on a page, something that reminds you that “I am here”. Of course I am always here, you might say, to which I’d reply, not quite in the same way. How lucky for me that those words rhymed. Writing reminds me and those who write that they are feeling things that they do not know they are feeling, that they know things that they didn’t know they knew. Something about writing down your innermost thoughts conjures up things one never knew were there. The depths of the self are set free, let loose, and allowed to run wild into the world. A world which if it is lucky enough, may someday be allowed to hear those thoughts. I know what you’re thinking, what about the writing which does not focus on inner thoughts, but creates characters and stories. Fret not, these too reveal us, in no less a way. Our characters are all part of who we were, are, could be, or could never be. The amazon possesses a multitude of trees, but all have their roots in common soil. We create a multitude of characters and stories, but all have their roots in our selves. I also write because I want to be the reason someone decided to stand up to their friends’ betrayals, to their abusive husbands, to their narcissistic lovers, self-absorbed mothers and hyper-critical fathers. I also write because I want to be the reason someone decided to have a child, or decide not to, to start following their dreams and begin believing in themselves, to let go of the past and to set themselves free. Writing is a tool, a weapon, a means to an end, and an end in itself. It can be all these things because it is a living thing, a creature that can spread disease or the antidote to one. We write because it is how we live, we write because we deserve to know who we are, because we deserve to discover that the biggest adventure lies not upon a mountain or a vast jungle or the never ending ocean but within us, beneath the letters that form the words. We write because we can touch so many lives but I write, because even changing one life would do.