John Primm

Even before there was any written form of any language we have expressed our thoughts. Even way before there were books there were cave paintings. Some of them in France date back some 35,000 years. Some guy or maybe it was some gal must have seen a big bison or something, and was saying, “Hey people – this is what I saw the other day!”READ MORE

Chynna Laird

Writers are asked this repeatedly throughout their careers and, honestly, I’m not sure most of us can give a bottom line answer. It would be like asking a Neurosurgeon why they dedicated their professional lives to saving others’ or asking a parent why they gave up a great job to stay home and raise their children. There really is no set reason for going that way. They just do.READ MORE

Alana Saab

I write not for some man in an office with a stack of manuscripts that he will skim read with the worries and to-do lists of his day in the black holes of his eyes and my words only in his vein-scattered whites.READ MORE

Sadie Young

I write because, as a child growing up in an unstable and often harsh environment, it was a way that I could create a world that made sense to me, and it continues to serve that same purpose today. Writing gives me the ability to grasp the convoluted, ambiguous and overlapping shades of life, and to give them form, color and definition, and then to carefully arrange them in an order that I can process.READ MORE