The How, The Why: 184 – Taryn Tilton

A live recording of our educational podcast The How The Why with Taryn Tilton, the winner of The Plaza Literary Prize 2017. This event celebrates the release of her novella Cherry Cherry with a panel discussion featuring Michael Dean Clark who was on the 2017 Jury and her editors Julianne Berokoff and Hunter Moreno.READ MORE

The Plaza Literary Prize 2017 – Steve Niilo

The final selection from The Plaza Literary Prize, our annual national novella competition, will feature cover artwork by Steve Niilo. Steve Niilo is an illustrator and experimenter living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques alongside a cornucopia of line, shape and color, he creates images that speak from the heart and tickle the senses.READ MORE

The Plaza Literary Prize – 2017 Jury

The Plaza Literary Prize welcomes our 2017 Jury–Michael Dean Clark, Rachel Howzell Hall, R. Dean Johnson, Yi Shun Lai, and Krys Lee–an inspiring panel of authors, editors, journalists, and professors. Submissions for our annual novella competition begin on March 1, 2017. When the submission period closes on April 30, 2017, our judges will select one (1) novella to be published by 1888.


New Novella – The Plaza Literary Prize 2016 Winner

“Cut the Thread opens with a mysterious death at the opera that sets a quiet, upscale neighborhood on edge. Walters subverts the cozy and the quaint, controlling a panoramic narrative of shifting perspectives and interconnected character focus like a deft puppet-master. Classical music is present throughout the book, and it is clear that it lends an inspiration for a style of compositional control in the writing. Evoking a sense of place and how people move about a city, the crisscrossing movements of the characters is dizzying in the best way.”READ MORE

The How The Why – THTW 111 – David Ulin

THTW-111-David Ulin

Today our podcast connects with David Ulin, book critic (formerly of the Los Angeles Times; Guggenheim Fellow; author of books such as Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles (University of California Press), The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time (Sasquatch Books), Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology (Library of America), and the upcoming novel Ear to the Ground with Paul Kolsby (Unnamed Press); and 2016 The Plaza Literary Prize Judge. Photo by Heather Conley.READ MORE

The Plaza Literary Prize 2016 Artist Announced

The Plaza Literary Prize 2016 cover artist is Toronto-based illustrator Eric Diotte. Born and raised in Ottawa, Eric Diotte spent most of his youth making a mess with any sort of medium he could get his hands on. At Sheridan College, he fell in love with illustration. Preferring to use traditional media, his approach to illustration employs a cubist sensibility with a strong street art influence.  In 2014, Eric co-founded LOCUS zine, a quarterly zine that features artwork from illustrators around the world.READ MORE