Summer Writing Project

The Summer Writing Project is an annual collaboration between 1888 and JukePop that advocates writing and supports reading. This joint venture presents authors with the opportunity to craft their novellas one chapter at a time with immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback from their readers, while also broadcasting their words to an audience eager for the next great storyteller.


  1. SUBMISSION PERIOD June 1 – July 31
    • Submit novella chapters via
    • A minimum of one chapter must be submitted for consideration


For information about Summer Writing Project 2016 please visit For details about our July Workshop Session please visit Visit to listen to our free weekly podcast.


Where Books Come From – Part Five: What We’ve Learned

Quick recap: In our last installment, we began candidly discussing the main differences between traditional publishing and indie publishers. What was made clear is that indie publishers are more likely to take risks on books, while big-name publishers usually stick to authors and to books that can guarantee sales. And readers who take risks make it possible for authors to take risks too.READ MORE