Summer Writing Project 2016 Winner

After reviewing our Top 25 authors during the Workshop Session, 1888 editing staff selected The Goldfish by Ryan Dunlap to be published with cover artwork by Irvin Rodriguez.

It was a pleasure to read so many passionate, creative, and provocative stories and we are thankful for that privilege. To say that it was difficult to select one novella would be a gross understatement. This decision could not have been made without the help of readers from all around the world who supported their favorite authors throughout the writing process.

Because the Summer Writing Project was designed to advocate writing and support reading, we will continue to document Ryan Dunlap’s progress with his editor, with the artist, and with the many collaborations needed to complete his book.

Summer Writing Project 2016 Short List:

  • Static Age by Ryan Hash
  • Blood, Sweat and Runes by M. Howalt
  • Karma by Kathy Joy
  • Come Back to the Swamp by Laura Morrison
  • 29 BBQs by Jonelle Strickland



Ryan Dunlap is a digital marketer, film director, and author, having directed several narrative and documentary feature films, and written both novels and a children’s book. Before becoming the creative director of Ribbow Media Group, he directed documentaries, telling stories from the heart of Jerusalem all the way to Ground Zero, and before that he worked with Deloitte & Touche, helping implement SAP for government contracted aerospace companies like Cessna and Bell Helicopter.