Routineology – Scott Amstadt

My writing routine begins with a dream. When I wake, early in the morning, I crave two things. First, a shower. Then, after a short road trip, I need breakfast. A burrito will often provide the satisfaction that sets my body at ease. A walk down the pier follows. I find a quiet spot to sit and detach myself from everything around me. I’ll look for inspiration on the horizon, or in the memories of the dreams of nights past. Once something strikes me, I set out, on a mission, to the coffee shop that is my office. Sometimes a conversation, or just some observation starts the process. Honey in my coffee is what fuels the creativity. Then I’ll create a playlist to score the characters and ideas knocking around my brain. Reviewing doodles, previous works, and notes helps me pull ideas together. Brainstorm. Research, research, research. Finally, words will come together and the story begins.

Captured, Edited, and Scored on an iPhone 6 plus, using iMovie and GarageBand.

Scott Amstadt