San Clemente

Is San Clemente the 2019 Orange County Laureate? Here are some details we learned of this Orange County City.


Did you know that if it wasn’t for Ole Hanson founding the city and purchasing 2,000 acres of what used to be Rancho Santa Margarita, we might not have the beautiful quiet village of San Clemente? It was incorporated on February 27th, 1918. Hanson envisioned building a “Spanish Village by the Sea.” Him, his family, and men worked to make the city feel cultured and charming. To this day, the merchants have managed to keep a high level of relevance in the community. What caught a lot of the people’s attention back in the day was the accessibility of 33 acres of beach, it had over thousands of people visiting every year.

A fun fact you might not be aware of is that President Richard Nixon was so drawn to San Clemente and the atmosphere given off by the city, that he bought Casa Pacifica in 1969, one of the city’s famous mansions. People even began to refer to it as the “home of the Western White House,” and it brought the community a sense of pride whenever they saw Nixon dining at restaurants or playing golf.

If you want to visit the area make sure to visit Casa Romantica, it’s a cultural center that “embodies the Romance and Reality of the Southern California experience.” They host performances, lectures, workshops, and tours year-round so make sure to check out their website to see what events are coming up soon. Another great place to visit would be the Cabrillo Playhouse; it was initially established in 1953 as the Community Theatre! Each season they do a live theater production so take a look at their website and purchase a ticket for their fun live event this season

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