A project-based study of creative routine featuring writer-produced videos, photos, and essays. From inspiration to realization this vulnerable analysis of writing reveals familiar patterns of ambition and apprehension. Share your process and join the conversation.


  1. Write a 200-word essay describing your routine.
  2. Record a 30-second video documenting your routine or capture 1 photo detailing your routine.
  3. Submit via Submittable.

Routineology – Scott Alumbaugh

I live and write in Davis, California. The town refers to itself as the Bicycle Capital of the United States. So appropriately, I think, my writing routine involves cycling.READ MORE

Routineology – Kelsey Wood

Happiness is the sound of a pen dancing on paper or the fingers tapping on a keyboard. So, I take my MacBook and my Moleskine everywhere and I go back and forth between the two. My bag also has plenty ofREAD MORE

Routineology – William M. Brandon III

Routine for me is environment. It can be packed up and carried, or remain sedentary. Routine provides me with careful parameters within which creativity can stretch and eliminate internal boundaries. MyREAD MORE

Routineology – Jonathan Yanez

Everyday my writing routine starts with the same question. “How bad do I want to be a successful author?” For the last three years the answer has been the same. “Bad, and I’m willing to work for it.” Around six-thirty in the morning I wake up and stumble down the hall to my workplace, one hand groping for the coffee maker along the way. Once properly caffeinated I begin.

Routineology – Arianna Basco

Never been one to carve out time to write. The common routine has always been just to live. Live fully. Candidly. The words for that moment or that feeling-they’ll come later. They’ll be there. If I amREAD MORE

Routineology – Shannon Barnsley

As a double major in Creative Writing/Mythology & Religion, I often joke that I majored in worldbuilding. Folk, epic, and oral traditions are the lifeblood of my work, so I soak up mythology, be it ancient or modern, wherever I can get it.  READ MORE