A project-based study of creative routine featuring writer-produced videos, photos, and essays. From inspiration to realization this vulnerable analysis of writing reveals familiar patterns of ambition and apprehension. Share your process and join the conversation.


  1. Write a 200-word essay describing your routine.
  2. Record a 30-second video documenting your routine or capture 1 photo detailing your routine.
  3. Submit via Submittable.

Routineology – Janet Kim

I love the color red and I keep my writing and research in a red file folder. The pencil is my weapon of choice because pens intimidate me–three No. 2 pencils to be precise. Erasing words, sentences, andREAD MORE

Routineology – Chanda J. Grubbs

I’ll read anything except fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Songbirds, A Brief History of Helvetica, The Joys of Mapmaking. I’ll kayak, reupholster an antique chair pilfered from someone’s trash, scour youtube for videos like: “the 13 most disturbing unsolved mysteries of all time” or “lost government footage of captured mermaid.” READ MORE

Routineology Collaborations – Dreams of an American Exile

Eric Z. Weintraub, author of Dreams of an American Exile, collaborated with filmmaker Karl W. Hoffman to create a book trailer for his novella. Dreams of an American Exile follows Rose Quintero, an undocumented college senior who is deported from Tucson to the Mexican border town of Nogales. In Nogales, she struggles to survive on the streets while searching for her deported parents and a way home to the U.S.READ MORE

Routineology – Zoe Zhang

If I’m at a desk, a poem will probably be written. If I’m in line waiting for coffee, I’ll be jotting down character sketches and pithy one-liners. If I’m reading, be it a novel or a textbook, there’s bound to beREAD MORE

Routineology – Khristian Mecom

Not all writing is magic, muses dancing around your head, or whispers from the unknown. Writing is work—the best kind of work. It’s the sitting down every day, committing to something greater than yourself, holding onto the fragment of an idea or a feeling, and then putting your fingers to the keys, transforming words into a stories. READ MORE

Routineology – Allison Spector

I’ve lived all over the USA, but I bring myself and my routines everywhere I go. It’s the anchor that centers me in my personal universe. There’s always the quiet place, populated by fairy lights, Buddhas, and dust bunnies. READ MORE

Routineology – Jason Pyrz

I have always been a night person. For as long as I can remember, I have associated midnight and beyond with magic and mystery. Before I can hope to create anything, I need a dark room, I need dark music, and IREAD MORE

Routineology – Margaret McMullan

I get up, walk the dog, shower, pour a thermos full of coffee, go to my desk, and open my laptop. Coffee and getting to the desk are important. The dog sleeping nearby is important too. If I’m working on a book, I don’t read newspapers or check email. READ MORE