A project-based study of creative routine featuring writer-produced videos, photos, and essays. From inspiration to realization this vulnerable analysis of writing reveals familiar patterns of ambition and apprehension. Share your process and join the conversation.


  1. Write a 200-word essay describing your routine.
  2. Record a 30-second video documenting your routine or capture 1 photo detailing your routine.
  3. Submit via Submittable.

Routineology – Andy Plattner

I like to use Apica notebooks when I am scratching together a first draft. I always keep an abundance of pens handy. In the morning, it’s coffee and writing by hand. Probably my favorite part of the process. InREAD MORE

Routineology – Jonny Ruzzo

I have never been very good at self-discipline or creating a strict work schedule when it comes to freelancing and working as a solo artist. I go to sleep and wake up at a completely different time everyREAD MORE

Routineology – Jonathan Danielson

Two cups of coffee. That’s it. Because of two jobs and family obligations, that’s all the time I get to write each day. Two cups, first thing in the morning, and not Stabucks Trenta-sized jugs either. Just anREAD MORE

Routineology Conversations – Hope, Faith, Morality

While collaborating on a cultural exchange project with UGLARworks and South African artists for the City of L.A., Black Hill Press author Ryan Gattis talks about crime fiction, the literary landscape, and his Contemporary American Novella entitled The Big Drop: Homecoming. This mini-documentary was directed by Graham Lovelis with music by A.A. Bondy.

Author: Ryan Gattis
Director: Graham Lovelis
Music: A.A. Bondy / “Mightiest Of Guns”