Routineology – P.A. Wikoff

Boredom is the birthplace of creativity. If it wasn’t for my solitary day job, I wouldn’t have any thoughts to scratch on the page. 

In this modern era, everyone is used to the constant influx of entertainment being shoved in their faces – via phone, games and television. Reading may soon become obsolete due to the arduous task of decrypting the written word. That is, unless we produce something excellent and well worth putting the phone down for.

With instagram, memes, and emojis telling stories at 1,000 words a glance, everyone’s minds become dependent for stimulants, like a high-speed umbilical cord. In a world of supply and demand, writers and other creative types are in charge of supplying those sucklings with a constant flow of milk.

Try turning off your car radio for a week, or go without your devices and see what your magnificent mind starts producing. At first it will feel torturous. All you will be able to think about is where your phone is and if it’s mad at you for neglecting it (trust me, it isn’t). Once you accept defeat, you will start to play around in your thoughts until something wonderful happens…you.

P.A. Wikoff