Routineology – Ela Leo

Like a budget or diet, instinctive routines please me. Lately, feast or famine seems the pattern.

The big mac is dying; we rarely wake her (she stores irreplaceable history). We make do, all sharing the iPad. Aspergers teen barely engages at home other than, “You using the iPad?” or, “Do you want the iPad?” (or, “Hungry!” or, “Leave in five!” juggling work and classes). The youngest seldom puts in a bid for iPad time, preferring gaming, often while hearing audiobooks.

Summertime or winter weekends we hang out, each on our own screen. Home-days the rhythm of companionship flows easily. Anyone making food or tea should offer the others some too. Dogs needing hiked, we might all join, inertia pulling us from our screens into the expanse of nature. Sharing peacefully obsessive hours we understand one another.

Some days our schedules keep us running, storing up fresh anticipation for our screens. These are the days we socialize, observe, people-watch, eavesdrop. I used to carry a pocket moleskin to collect notes on the funny, poignant or maddening. So many years of notes and dreams, now at the screen fingers tap magic with ingredients gathered across shared lifetimes.

Ela Leo