Routineology – Eden Maxwell

My studio cabin is off the grid on an ashram in the high desert. There are few outside distractions to my art, other than those that I succumb to myself. 

Each morning, after attending to my rescued parakeet, I have a smoothie, sometimes a bagel, too, check email, and make calls if any. I listen to the radio, as I launch my painting and writing apps.

I’m vigilant not to fall into arbitrary deadlines, as one might face on a 9-5 job—an unsatisfying schedule that I left behind many years ago. These days my self-imposed routine isn’t a rut.

Over the years, I’ve transitioned from the drudgery of cleaning paint brushes to more user-friendly and challenging painting with my 27-inch iMac and iPad. I write with Ulysses—an app designed to let writers better organize and focus solely on their words. As intuition reveals itself, I can easily switch between writing and painting.

I move every 15 minutes, and I don’t spend hours on end painting or writing. Easy access to movies, facebook, and email can be distracting, but in moderation I find that multitasking helps me better focus on my art and writing.

Eden Maxwell