Routineology – Corin Reyburn

For something I claim to love more than anything, I, at times, avoid writing like the plague. The procrastination is almost itself an art form. Despite the voice telling me writing is the only thing I -want- to be doing, there’s times I will do just about anything else. I will first tend to all manner of trivial things—I will take out the trash, reorganize my closet, cut my hair, email my aunt—before I settle down to write. 

I believe I do this out of fear. The fear that when I do at last sit down and begin, there will be nothing there.

This is rarely true. Sitting down and opening my draft is the hardest part. The first few minutes, where I’m not sure where the story is going, where I’m uncertain if the magic will be there today, is the storm before the bloom.

I start typing, and the magic is almost always there. It’s never perfect, and sometimes there are large sections that will have to later be tossed, but the cliché that showing up is the hardest part, well, it’s true.

Fought at every turn by the practical, I fight back. I let the magic in.