Small Towne Short Stories – Autumn

This collaborative video, created by Ryan Rozar, documents the live podcast discussion at the community based Orange Home Grown Farmers and Artisans Market with historian Phil Brigandi, Megan Penn, Executive Director of Orange Home Grown, and Barbara Resnick of the Orange Community Historical Society.  This conversation was moderated by journalist Alyssa Duranty and recorded and published on our podcast, The How The Why.

Every building has a story—a beginning, middle, and sometimes an end. The heart of that story is the neighborhood, the people, and the emotional foundation that supports the structure. 1888 will document the past, present, and future of historic buildings around Old Towne, Orange. Staff will dig deep into archives and interview community members to color each story with memories. Installments are released through The Paper Trail, our free subscription newsletter.

1888 /
Program: Small Towne Short Stories: Villa Park Orchards Packinghouse
Produced in conjunction with Orange Home Grown /
Director: Ryan Rozar /