Routineology – Alex Clark-McGlenn

I like to tell anyone who calls me an old man (I’m 29), “the preparation for tomorrow is today,” that’s why I have a strict bedtime of 11, and set my alarm for 7:30 each morning. 

The first act of the day is always meditation. 10-15 minutes gets my head in the right space. I find I’m also more patient and focused if I meditate regularly. Coffee each morning is a must. I typically freewrite for ten minutes after this. These usually end up on my blog. Then I make a point, each day, of reading a chapter of a Jukepop story (this last part is new).


Then I draft or revise. I write creative works until noon. After lunch I “work” on my “work writing,” this means I write copy for a couple hours. I take a break between articles to play with the cat or throw the baseball. Then write more copy.

I believe those who read serious fiction, will write it as well. That’s why I try to make a habit of an hour of dedicated reading time each night. Call it homework, for the rest of my life.

Alex Clark-McGlenn