The Process


Family comes first. This edition focuses on the relationships with our family and how it motivates the creative process.


80 pages
Publisher: ISM: A Community Project
ISBN-13: 978-0615658681
ISBN-10: 0615658687


Contributors: Adam Gross, Andrew Huang, Beau Stanton, Catlin Moore, China Soul, Christina House, D. Harlan Wilson, Darby Larson, Darin Owen, Debbie Carlos, Eddie Callahan, Eric White, Fumiko Amano, Jeff and Natalie, Jeffrey Lehn, John Waters, Kathie Olivas, Katie Stubblefield, kristin keiser, Lisa Manzi, Maggie Flores, Melissa White, Michael Rosenfeld, Mike Van Gorder, Orlando Perez, Paul Maziar, Paul Stumbaugh, Peter Wu, Randall Cabe, Ruth Ruiz, Samand Tury, Shane Guffogg, Toni Leigh.


September 1, 2005