We decided to let artists interview artists, allow photographers to talk with photographers, and give writers the opportunity to question writers. We found these creative circles to be much smaller than we realize.


80 pages
Publisher: ISM: A Community Project
ISBN-13: 978-0615658698
ISBN-10: 0615658695


Contributors: Aaron Kraten, April Sebree, Avelina Seeley, Blaine Fontana, Brett Arnold, Carolynn Romana, Catlin Moore, Charles Santarpia, Chris Schultz, Contramano, Darin Owen, Daryll Peirce, Dave Hart, Deus, Dray, Geoffrey O’Brien, Imogen Neale, Jackie Sandelands, Jay Crocket, Jesse Hlebo, Kristin Keiser, Maggie Flores, Meridith Rohana, Michael Stevens, Mike Van Gorder, Patrick Fraser, Rob Jager, Sophie Varela, Stephen Anderson, Suzanne Clements, Terence Patrick, The Criterion Collection, ZBQ, Zem Gerrick.


December 1, 2005