Fusing Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, and Western genres, Mojave utilizes elements of prose fiction, play, screenplay, and beat-driven illustration for a multi-layered reading experience delivered in the time it takes you to watch a feature film.


Author: Ryan Gattis & Kevin Staniec
Editor: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Simon Leclerc
Pages: 200
Limited Edition: 250
ISBN: 978-0-615-93212-5


The Mojave desert stretches approximately 25,000 miles, encompassing significant parts of what used to be known as California and Nevada. Now that the water has run out, it’s a wasteland once more. Towns and cities were abandoned as millions had no choice but to flee the desert southwest in a migration unparalleled in American history.

One scientist may hold the key to solving this hydro-disaster, but he disappeared during the chaos of this exodus—leaving his wife desolate and wondering whether or not she is a widow. Marooned in a land she no longer recognizes, Annie Lin resolves to stop at nothing until she finds out what happened to her husband, even if it means entering into a devil’s bargain with agents of a foreign government to do so.


October 1, 2016