High Contrast


This publication is an assemblage of students searching for inspiration. These young idealists interviewed idols and honored mentors. It is a document of the burning desire for brilliance.


80 pages
Publisher: ISM: A Community Project
ISBN-13: 978-0615658667
ISBN-10: 0615658660


Contributors: Ahisma Kerp, Aiko Tanaka, Alysia Michelle James, Amir Motlagh, Ashley Wood, China Soul, Circus, Darin Owen, Emek, Erin Natalia, Ian Gordon, Jeffrey Crussell, Jesse Hlebo, Jessica Ramsden, Joe Flazh, Joe Mickey, Melinda J. Combs, Nathan Phan, Pino Mandorino, Shag, Shelby Lynn, Simone Legno, The Weakerthans, Tokidoki, Tyler Webb.


March 1, 2005