Hello, My Name Is __________.


The ISM Gallery was located in the heart of downtown Long Beach and designed to enrich the local community of Long Beach/Southern California and the larger global community through the arts with exhibitions, seminars, lectures and classes. The opening exhibition was entitled “Hello, my name is __________.” and we invited artists to display both old and new work. During the reception, photographer Colin Young-Wolff set up a stylized photobooth and photographed everyone on their way into the exhibition. The idea was to take the long red carpet from your standard release party and hang it from the wall. We called it the Red Carpet Curtain.


ISM: Gallery, Long Beach CA


Contributors: 2H, Aaron Israel, Aaron Kraten, Adrien Biosse Duplan, Alexis Mackenzie, Adrew Hem, Andy Singer, Angelina Wrona, Angie Mason, Anthony Clarkson, Bjorn Calleja, Bradford Salamon, Brandon Francis, Brent Harada, Brian Hoang, Brian M Viveros, Candy, Caro, Casey O’Connell, Chet Zar, Courtney Oquist, Craig LaRotonda, Dave Chung, Dave Pressler, Derek Hess, Edwin Ushiro, Elrian Chapman, Eric Trine, Erik Siador, Famous When Dead, Grace Chee, Haubs, Hayley Miro, Inky Dreadfuls, Jaime Zollars, Jarrod Eastman, Jeff McMillan, Jenna Colby, Jennifer Tong, Jesse Kerr, Jimin Weatherly, Jimmy Bleyer, Jon Todd, Jordan Clarke, Josh Hart, Julian Medor, Justin Ridge, Kelli Murray, Kelly de Meyer, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Garduno, Kristian Olson, Kristyn Dors, Laith MacGregor, Majella Lue Sue, Marie Barr, Mark Murphy, Matt Dangler, Matt Stallings, Melanie Moore, Mike Maxwell, Nicolette Davenport, P Williams, PJ Fidler, Pat Dalton, Patrick Ballesteros, Patrick Martinez, Rachel Schmidhofer, Rich Tuzon, Richard Olmstead, Ricky Butler, Ron Velasco, Ronald J Llanos, Sanithna Phansavanh, Sarah Joncas, Scott Altmann, Scott Chenoweth, Scott Patrick Mitchell, Seizer One, Sheesh, Sophie Varela, Stephen Anderson, Sudeep Lingamneni, Suzanne Clements, The Dead Beatnik, Tim Molloy, Toeknee, Tony Philippou, Yuka Yamaguchi, Zoso, and many more.


January 1, 2008