8.5 x 7.5


The genius. The virtuoso. Masters. We were curious what defines greatness. This collection of talent challenges the argument.


80 pages
Publisher: ISM: A Community Project
ISBN-13: 978-0615658650
ISBN-10: 0615658652


Contributors: Abbie Ruggles, Adriana English, Alex Jackson, Brian Calvin, Catlin Moore, Christina House, Citahbria Richards, Danny Montoya, Dillon Margis-Noguera, Hatchfest, Hilary Hahn, Jacqueline Amber, Jason Castner, Jeremy Pollack, Kerry Tribe, Kevin Staniec, Lon Koontz, M. Marisa Luiso, Mark Dutcher, Mark Ryden, Marty Campitelli, Mike Van Gorder, Montgomery Stephen McAnlis, Robert Nichols, Teresa Mai, Travis Howell, Will Koffman, Yuss Simon.


December 1, 2004