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Guitars and Novellas

The Frontman written by Jon Frechette is our third novella and completes the Mark Smith Collection. After the dissolution of his long-time band, a Brooklyn musician on the wrong side of thirty struggles to achieve success while navigating a relationship with a realtor similarly coming to terms with what she wants out of life. Jon Frechette was born in the Philippines and raised in Tokyo and San Francisco. After a youth spent playing guitar in punk bands, Jon moved to Southern California to study film at Chapman University, from which he graduated summa cum laude. An avid cyclist, Jon now lives in Los Angeles, where he tries to avoid being hit by cars. The Frontman is his first novella.READ MORE

Mr. Gattis

The Big Drop: Homecoming written by Ryan Gattis (Pictured right, working with artist Evan Skrederstu on the “Play Me, I’m Yours” Piano Project sponsored by the L.A. Chamber Orchestra) will be our second novella. The Big Drop: Homecoming is about an ex-military translator, who after killing a yakuza in self-defense, owes a debt that is payable only one way: take the dead man’s place searching for a missing woman in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Ryan Gattis is a writer, curator, and creative writing professor at Chapman University.READ MORE

Another Name for Corrie

Another Name for Autumn written by Corrie Greathouse will be our first Contemporary American Novella. Another Name for Autumn is a beautiful story about a woman who reconciles the complexities of her experiences with love, loss and isolation in a letter to a stranger, the author of a Book of Dreams she discovers in a box she intended never to unpack.READ MORE

The Logo

Amanda Paganini of ( completed the design for the Black Hill Press logo. Amanda is a Los Angeles based designer and musician ( She studied art and design at Biola University in Southern California. She has worked with a variety of clients in the health, music, and fashion industries. Amanda also curates an image/sound mixtape blog ( MORE