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The Hero’s Journey Podcast: Episode 004

The stakes are high in this episode as Jeff and Dan once again butt heads about who’s the protagonist. But the real action comes in the middle of Act II when one of our beloved hosts turns out to be completely wrong—about everything. Jeff gushes about Joshua Malina and The West Wing Weekly, and Dan whips out his own Gene Hackman impression. With heated conflict, themed libations, upgraded sound effects, and an entirely new segment, Episode 4 is not to be missed!READ MORE

The How, The Why: 194 – Peter McLaren

A live recording of our educational podcast The How, The Why with Peter McLaren. Peter McLaren is Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, College of Educational Studies, Chapman University. He is Co-Director and International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, the Donna Ford Attallah College of Education, Chapman University. He is also Chair Professor, Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, where he is Honorary Director of the Center for Critical Studies in Education.READ MORE

Writers’ Block: 018 – Anna Leahy


Anna Leahy is a poet, nonfiction writer, and professor. She is the author of the nonfiction book Tumor, and co-author of Conversing with Cancer, Generation Space, and What We Talk about When We Talk about Creative Writing. Her poetry collections are Aperture and Constituents of Matter. Her essays won the top prizes from Ninth Letter and Dogwood in 2016. She directs the MFA program at Chapman University, where she edits the international journal TAB and curates the Tabula Poetica reading series. Anna was also Mike’s thesis advisor, and the two talk about using pop culture references in poetry, how writer’s block isn’t real, and how Anna manages to juggle a thousand projects at once. READ MORE