Linda Ravenswood

Why do you write ?

To me, being a Latinx writer means that I am a wanderer, an apostle in a place I barely understand, the borderlands. Being Latinx means that I am home in the west. Being Latinx means that I am passing. Being Latinx means that I am White, and European – an American – because if I was Nahuatl, or Mixtec, I would just say that. I don’t know what percent of me is Mayflower, but I know that my mother’s skin is so white it shines blue. I know that we speak English, and that I was sent to study in England. I know that the roads to the Baja are ‘dangerous Linda, all dust, don’t go there, why would you ?’ I know that I have one Spanish ear. A Nautilus. I know the first words my father gave to me : Mija y Caballo.

Why do you write ?

I am the mother of twins. We work together, we sing together. At night I hear them talking in special tones, their darkened room, two beds foot to foot. I’m an only child. I kind of know what it’s like not to be alone, but only obliquely — like turning a beveled glass, watching cobalt ribbons fall together and apart. Their dance ultimately comes to rest, but how it swayed in cohort. Mostly it’s me in the mirror, my favourite, the mirror within the mirror, a million pairs of legs, so many soft faces saying yes.

But why do you write though ?