Linda M. Crate

I began writing because of my love of words and stories. It always intrigued me how you could take the same words in different ways and come up with two completely different points of views and tones of voices.

In writing I found that I could express myself without someone talking over me, ignoring me, or interrupting what I was trying to say. In writing I could say everything I needed or wanted to get out of me and someone could be touched by the piece. Someone might agree or disagree, someone might be able to relate, and someone might be healed by what I had to say.

From a very young age I knew the power of words because I was consistently mocked, bullied, and ridiculed from everything from my hair color; my love of books, or my decision to not drink underage or participate in taking drugs.

I wanted to use my words to heal, build up, and inspire others instead of tear them down and break them as people had and have always used and done to me. I didn’t want them to feel as if their pain was singular, and they’d never be able to relate to someone in the world.

I just wanted someone to be able to listen and to know that they were not alone in this world and heal others simultaneously as I healed myself.

Fantasy books and music were there for me in a time where people were not, and I could find myself in realms where there were dragons and vampires. However, sometimes I found myself intrigued by the profound words and poems of others and I hoped that I, myself, would be able to wield words just as well if not better; someday.

But I reminded myself not to compare myself to others because comparison is a thief of joy, and the only person that I could be better than was the person that I was yesterday. Because my power and my gift to the world and to myself is that I am the only me in the universe.

I wrote and write because writing chose me in the end. I wanted to show the world my perspective and my life, and if someone could relate and be healed by my experiences and knowledge then that was the icing to the cake (and let’s face it – cakes are better with icing).

Life is an unpredictable experience that changes and causes one to evolve in the process. Through writing I am able to channel energy and thoughts in a moment that I may not be able to at a later time. I get to see how I’ve experienced and grow as an individual and that is exciting to me.

I write because I have oceans and fountains of words flowing through me. I have stories to tell that only I can write, and they may have resemblance to other tales but they are in my unique voice and experience.