Limited Edition Shirt – Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars

In conjunction with our end-of-year fundraiser, 1888 collaborated with TankFarm & Co. to produce a limited edition shirt inspired by Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars: “The current cannot be stopped.” Walt Whitman, 1888

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The history behind Walt Whitman’s quote: “In February 1888, The Signal, the student newspaper of The College of New Jersey (then the New Jersey State Normal and Model Schools), published an interview with Walt Whitman titled “Walt Whitman’s Advice to the State Scholars.” The Signal came into existence in 1885, and two of its pioneers-George Worman, class of 1886, and Francis B. Lee, class of 1888-had traveled to Camden to conduct the interview with Whitman, soliciting advice for those state scholars who wished to follow the “literary life.” The interview, the first one conducted by The Signal, presents Whitman’s strong pedagogical nature, as he gladly offers literary advice to the young state scholars.”


Kukawski, Nicole. “Walt Whitman’s Advice to New Jersey State Scholars: An Unknown Interview.” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 23 (Summer 2005), 54-59.