Laguna Hills

Is Laguna Hills the home of the 2019 Orange County Laureate? Here are some details we learned of this Orange County City.


Situated on 6.6 square miles of land, Laguna Hills is one of the smaller cities to make up Orange County. Don Juan Avila was given 13,000 acres of land for serving the government, which he eventually sold to Lewis Moulton. Moulton used his land to herd cattle and sheep until the early 1960’s, when the property was divided. A portion of this property is now known as Laguna Hills, officially being incorporated into OC in 1991 (“Laguna Hills, California”).

Even though the city is small, it holds a rich history that dates far past the days of even the formation of the state of California! On the edge of the city lies Costeau Park. In the park is a monument, dedicated in July of 1999, remembering that animals in the Ice Age used to roam in the area. In fact, the entire park was built to preserve the fossils buried underneath the surface (“Laguna Hills, California”).  In the middle of Laguna Hills lies Fossil Reef Park, showcasing fossils from the ocean (“Laguna Hills, California”). This small city is a small, thriving portion of Orange County, nestled between larger names such as Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo.

Laguna Hills is also a city dedicated to growth and successful business. They city works to uphold the affection of the community. It is a city that is not afraid of change and that understands the strength of its small size, taking advantage of its freeway access and trading zones. Laguna Hills clearly has a story to tell, one that continues to be molded as the city prospers, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to nominate your neighbor for the Orange County Laureate at



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