Exploring the World of Philip K. Dick

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Exploring the World of Philip K. Dick showcases art based on four of the American science fiction writer’s most famous works: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Man in the High Castle, Minority Report, and The Three Stigmata of Palmer. This exhibit is in partnership with California State University, Fullerton students and alumni. Artists include Brittany Campbell, Aaron Chae, Cliff Cramp, Dominic Jaro, Garrett Kaida, and Katie Melrose.

Philip K. Dick resided in Orange County during the last few years of his life, constantly questioning and exploring humanity. He wrote inspiring and often uncanny encounters about surveillance that have influenced film, T.V. shows, comic books, and more.

On display at the 1888 Center from February 22 through April 25, 2018

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Credit: Garrett Kaida, Precog / Dominic Jaro, Overhead